COVID-19 Special Terms and Conditions

Dear Guest

Bula and Welcome.

Our highest priority is to provide guests with a safe and relaxing stay while following Queensland Government Health Directions. While our resort is taking precautions to provide a COVID-Safe environment, guests need to appreciate that you are travelling at your own risk during a pandemic and to this end we cannot assume any legal liability or responsibility for the health and safety and your group/family.

We ask you to read and follow these terms and conditions as they relate to COVID-19 to help us keep our resort COVID-Safe for you and your group/family and our staff during these times. Thank you.

Guest Arrival
At check-in, as well as completing the Guest Registration Form, you will be asked to complete a COVID-19 Guest Declaration Form for yourself and the guests in your group/family.

This form asks for the names of all the guests in your group/family that are staying and is a declaration from you regarding your and your group/family’s health. You must answer this declaration honestly so we can protect you, other guests’, and our staff’s wellbeing. The form is also required for contact tracing purposes and must be held by us for a period of at least 56 days and be readily available for Queensland Health Officials.

We apologise, because of Qld Health Directions, that not all our facilities may be open. Please check with Reception what facilities are open and under what restrictions. As restrictions are eased, we will act to safely open our facilities.

Guest Visitors
All Visitors must register at Reception and provide their names and contact details, again for your and other guests’ and our staff’s safety and for contact tracing requirements. Should a Visitor refuse to provide their details, we will not be able to provide them access. There is a maximum of visitors at any time, please ask Reception.

Our Team
All our team have undertaken the COVID-19 Infection Control Course and are undertaking additional certificate courses in Housekeeping Hygiene and COVID-19 Safety. As well as our usual daily standard housekeeping and cleaning procedures, all our team are following additional COVID-19 sanitisation requirements when cleaning your villa and our resort facilities, to make your stay as safe as we can for you.

Staff or Maintenance Personnel Visiting Your Villa
Additional sanitising and cleaning requirements may mean it takes us longer to prepare your villa. Also, when we undertake a mid-service or visit the villa to assist you with the use of any equipment, we may wear a mask and/or gloves. Please do not be worried, this is to protect you and our staff. We will also observe social distancing.

Guest Illness
All guests are required to report any sign of illness or symptoms or possible exposure to COVID-19 to Reception.
We will help organise a Doctor, COVID-19 testing, if required and assist with any isolation pending results.

Social Distancing, Hygiene and Following Resort Signs & Rules
Whilst you are staying at our resort please observe social distancing requirements and keep at least 1.5 metres away from other guests – 2 big steps!

Please also observe the signs advising of the number of guests allowed in each of the resort facilities and follow any direction or instruction from resort staff. We also ask you to be conscious of hygiene requirements such as washing hands regularly and using the sanitiser at the stations installed around the resort.

Contact Tracing
We would encourage you to download the Government COVID Safe App which facilitates contact tracing.
Thank you for being our guest and for your help.
If we can help make your stay more enjoyable, please call between 8am to 6pm from the phone in your villa by dialling ‘9’ or visiting Reception (observing social distancing and allowed numbers in enclosed areas).

Bula, The Islander Team